High Quality 3D LED letters Display Boards premium branding, promotion and advertising option as compared to GSB (glow sign boards) which works with tube lights and led lights instead.
We specialize in manufacturing high quality 3D ACP sign board for shops, malls, event stall , factories, restaurants, hotels, college and universities. With precision in logo cutting on acrylic sheets using laser and router cut machines we give exact shapes to your signage letters and designs!

WHY LED Signage is a better choice?

  • Most advanced indoor/outdoor branding medium.
  • 3D effect! Your company name/logo text is raised from the base giving it 3D graphic appearance.
  • Power saving – LED modules consume extremely low electricity and generate minimal carbon footprints.
  • Durability – ACP boards (Aluminium Composite Panels) are strong sheets used in the ACP box panel that have vast life span – can withstand all types of weather conditions.
  • Quality – 3D acrylic acp displays are of high grade quality with high quality acrylic and SS letters material.
"acrylic letters of different marbel company displayed on board of marbel store at night